Online Course Recommendations - 2023

Backed with ML model, I worked as a product manager to make online course recommendations from Udemy and Pluralsight based on users interest on Stack Overflow platform.

Experteer Cv-to-Profile - 2022

As a premium career SaaS, Experteer relies upon lots of user data to offer better position suggestions to its users. Worked as a product manager; my take was defining the strategy, setting success metrics and creating an agile environment for the team to build the MVP of product that analyzes the CV and creates user profiles instantly.

Samsung Galaxy Bizz - 2021

Worked as Product Manager in all product discovery, strategy and delivery phases to build new generation content application for 15 Million users.

Onedio Ad Dashboard - 2018

Onedio wants to build an ad dashboard for small and medium scaled companies so they can create their campaigns easily. Creating product requirements document, aligning stakeholders and executing the plan with the cross-functional team was my to-do's while we were hitting the goals. - 2020

Musician Portfolio that I built with Next.js - 2020

Photographer Portfolio that I built with Next.js