Samsung Galaxy Bizz

Samsung Galaxy Bizz

I have determined a product strategy for the new version of Samsung Galaxy Bizz, the content application installed on more than 15 million Samsung devices. Then, together with the software and design teams, we released the new version of the application in the targeted time. In the new version, the number of logged in users increased 30 percent, first day retention 15 percent and advertising revenue 45 percent.

Samsung OMC

Samsung OMC

I analyzed the monthly and annual performance data of more than 10 brands in Samsung's in-house pre-install project OMC, and with the optimization plans I prepared based on the results, I increased the revenue of the product by 40% compared to the previous period.

Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine App Wizard

I've turned App Wizard, which is pre-install technology developed by Digital Turbine and pre-installed in Samsung devices in Turkey is the most demanded and profitable product in the company by making sure more than 40 apps have been got seamless experience.

Deniz Erden

Musician Portfolio builded with Next.js

Ergün Baydı

Photographer Portfolio builded with Next.js

React Project

Movie Memory

Movie Search from IMDB API. builded with MERN stack including login, search, add to fav features.