“Learn to sell, learn to build, if you can do both, you will be unstoppable.” - Naval Ravikant

What I Do

Living in Istanbul

Working at Bond Digital as Technical Account Manager in 9-6

Try to build MERN Stack Projects and get better at programming.

Building portfolio pages for close circle people who are artist and needed one, using Next.js.

Shout out to:

Deniz Erden who is my girlfriend and felt her support and don't hesitate the bring out of the box approaches every possible time. 🙇🏻‍♀️ While you here, listen some of her dope tracks.

Altay Aydemir who is one the most supportive and forward-thinker friend who helped me a lot on motivation, self-improvement aaand software development. Check his web page to find more about him.

Ege Çapar who is my computer engineering junior student brother who always impresses me with hard-working and delicious cooking skills.

Sinan Aksay who is founder of ReactJS Istanbul community and a patient bug-killer for my Reactjs projects.

Uluç Selamet who probably thought everything about sales and marketing.

What I Did

2020 — I've decided to learn React as a solo-learner since it has the most online resources and one of most modern ways for web development. After few video tutorials, finally I've found the one and completed Helsinki University's Full Stack Open program. During this time, I've become a member of ReactJS Istanbul community and met perfect developers who are very supportive on my solo-learner journey.

2020 — I've made a switch at Bond Digital and my new role is Technical Account Manager for Samsung.

Samsung has 8 digital products including mobile apps, preload ad models and all of them are available at all Samsung devices in Turkey. We work with Samsung how can we sell these product's ad slots to potential advertisers and finally, my job here, make sure all these ad-tech process goes smoothly.

2019 — I've really want to build something for web as well. After a few unsuccessful Udemy attempt, I went to BilgeAdam Frontend Bootcamp and learnt basics of CSS, Javascript, Nodejs. I've build few freelance projects-mostly company pages- for a few small businesses.

2017 - 2019 — I got offer from one of the promising media sales agency, Bond Digital and started to work here. I was responsible for finding all creative ideas for brands, preparing budgets, try to sell them with sales team and make sure they executed smoothly by ad-operation team and publishers. This is where I learn how to sell an idea.

Bond's media first projects was won 8 awards in local and global advertisement contests such as, MMA, Felis, Kristal Elma

2017 — My internship has completed and I was graduated from university. Huge moment!

2017 — After lead the strategy of Onedio 2016 Rewind web page, I started to work for sponsored project team. Our main goal was providing creative ad ideas for brands, which would be take place in's high traffic and web capacities.

2016 — Finished all the classes and move to Istanbul to start my 2 internships which would be 8 month long in At first 4 months, I was work with senior project manager for content-based projects.

2015 — Back to Ankara for school and start work for Cosmic Creative which has mostly a conventional advertisement agency. These days, they were gathering a new social media department and I was lead the team.

2014 — Moving to Istanbul for 4 months to complete my first internship in C-section and it's partner mobil focused digital agency in Narkoz. I've mostly spent my time with a senior project manager and attend brainstorming meetings for Coca Cola, Unilever, Vodafone.

2013 - 2015 — Attend Industry and Productivity Society(EVT) in TOBB ETU and help to organize few nationwide conferences. I was mainly responsible for marketing and promotion activities at both digital and conventional. Afterwards, I was became a border member who is responsible for marketing team.

2012 - 2015 — Attend Industrial Engineering Societies Community (EMT) which was build from 15 different universities' industrial engineering societies and organize 3 meet-ups and several conferences every year to grow network between future colleagues from all over the country. I was elected as board member to organize the communities marketing and promotion activities.

2012 — Moving to Ankara to study Industrial Engineering in TOBB ETU

2011 - 2012 — Helped to start a music blog and internet radio called Bağımsız Alternatif. I was write blog posts mainly about music and cinema and host or join a radio show with my friends. Internet radios were cool these days.

2010 - 2011 — Being a manager of my best friend's indie high-school band and arrange gigs at local bars.

2009 - 2010 — helping my friends to publish a fanzine, called Uzak. After sold the first edition by visiting coffees and literature clubs, we went to McDonalds and ate BigMac. Not a bad way to spend first income.

1994 — Born in Antalya